blamo skullstronaut
blamo skullstronaut

blamo skullstronaut

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Colonel Stache O'Hair emerged from his sojourn through dark matter as Skullstronaut, the leader of the free electrons. Believing idle hands are the devils workshop, he reorganized the sub-atomic particles of his spaceship to produce a longboard perfect for epic surfing on Blamoville's solar waves.

  • Hand blown glass helmet
  • Hand carved teak noggin
  • Brass inlay detailing on Stache's teak gloves and moon boots
  • Hand dyed canvas spacesuit with brass Blamo heart
  • Hand printed custom box
  • Approximately 32 cm tall

About BLAMO:
Blamo's goal is to create objects that are the antithesis of our disposable culture. The idea for Blamo was birthed by Spencer Hansen and Shayne Maratea in rural Idaho over a decade ago, but with a continuous flow of influence from photography, painting, movement, street culture, the music industry and world travel, they've established themselves as an ever-evolving innovative and imaginative object art and clothing company. Their creatures are alive in our minds, quirky yet substantial, composed of natural materials like leather, wood, and brass. Each inhabitant of Blamoville has his or her own unique personality and backstory!