blamo rice baby (pink)

blamo rice baby (pink)

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Rice Baby measures 12" from head to toe. His body is made from high quality leather, a bit of magic, and a hand cast brass face. He even comes in a hand printed box.

Please note: All Blamo toys are handmade and despite efforts to create the perfect art figure, each toy is unique and may contain minor imperfectionsÌÝ_ or as we like to call it, character.

Materials: Leather/Brass
Color: Black
Size: 12"
Screen Printed Handmade Box

About BLAMO:
Blamo's goal is to create objects that are the antithesis of our disposable culture. The idea for Blamo was birthed by Spencer Hansen and Shayne Maratea in rural Idaho over a decade ago, but with a continuous flow of influence from photography, painting, movement, street culture, the music industry and world travel, they've established themselves as an ever-evolving innovative and imaginative object art and clothing company. Their creatures are alive in our minds, quirky yet substantial, composed of natural materials like leather, wood, and brass. Each inhabitant of Blamoville has his or her own unique personality and backstory!