fuct jawz tee
fuct jawz tee

fuct jawz tee

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This Summer 2019 Fuct Jawz tee is the perfect way piece to add to any summer wardrobe for any fashionista. Perfect colors for summer, and ideal to throw on for an effortless stylish look, this piece is also a must have for collectors since it is the much anticipated Fuct x Richardson Capsule collab.

About the brand:
FUCT (Friends You Can't Trust) was founded in 1990 by Erik Brunetti and is often cited as one of the first pioneers of modern streetwear, popularizing the fashion influence containing hip-hop culture and government/anti-religion symbolism much like Stussy, Keith Haring's Pop Shop, and Japan's Hysteric Glamour. The brand got additional fame when they attempted to get their trademark for the company and the USPTO rejected the name for being vulgar which lead to a Supreme Court case in which Erik won on the grounds of freedom of speech.